New paper on backyard conservation in TREE

The paper is Junior’s first PhD publication, great effort and a very important paper

Warm greetings to Junior for publishing his first PhD paper, which is now out (early online) in Trends in Ecology & Evolution and may be of interest to many of you. The paper discusses a new concept we call Backyard Conservation in traditionally owned lands and presents a case study from Junior’s community on the island of Bougainville, PNG. See link to the paper: and pdf attached.

The TREE Editor has decided to start a new series and special issue in TREE focused on Local and Indigenous ecological knowledge, which is relevant to conservation work around the world and will come out in January, which is an important and timely initiative.

Presentation to Nepal

Odette and Salit delivered ab invited plenary talk to a 150 Masters student and faculty audience in

St. Xavier’s College and Tribhuvan University in Nepal

Our final report for the NESP islands project we led in the past 6 years is now available online with the first national-scale database of threatened species on Australian islands that we created

Welcome Laura, who has recently started her PhD with us in the joint UQ-Exeter program

Welcome to Anisha, our PhD student who has recently arrived in Brisbane from Pokhara

New Lancet Planetary Health paper: Covid and conservation

Our newest paper in @TheLancetPlanet discusses why protecting ecosystems & biodiversity is crucial for both planetary & human health. It results from collaborative work by team members. #COVID19 #biodiversity #OneHealth

Welcome James and Annalise our new graduate students

A warm welcome to James who has joined us from Dunedin in New Zealand to start his PhD and Annalise who is joining us from Perth to start her MPhil project this month.

New video about Steve’s PhD on Javan rhinos

Greetings Junior who submitted his PhD thesis today!

Well done Junior, an outstanding study on the biodiversity and conservation of your home island and an important yet unexplored biodiversity hotspot – Bounaginville Island

Congratulations to Dr Leslie Roberson

Well done Leslie who has been awarded her PhD this week!

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