Warm Greetings to Luci and Ruben on the birth of their daughter Lara!

Warm greetings to Luci and Ruben on the birth of their daughter Lara last week. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

Salit delivered an invited seminar in Volcani Agricultural Institute

Salit delivered an invited seminar about factors shaping invasive bird patterns and processes across continents at the Volcani Agricultural Institute

Two new papers on 3D marine conservation published from our group

Two new papers on 3D marine conservation have recently een published from our group, the one in Methods in Ecology and Evolution, led by Ruben as his first PhD chapter and the second as a review on 3D conservation led by Noam, Roberto and Salit in conservation Letters.

Salit gave an invited seminar at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)

Salit gave an invited seminar at the Technion on Marine Conservation Planning this week at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning colloquium.

Warm Congratulations to Hernán for being awarded the Candidate Development Award

Warm Congratulations to Will for being awarded the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Research Fellowship

Warm congratulations to Will for being awarded the highly prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Research Fellowship. Nice Work!

The high international regard for Churchill Fellowships provides a pathway for Churchill Fellows to access expertise from around the world that is not typically available to everyone, expanding their knowledge and experience for the benefit of Australian society. To learn more about the Churchill Fellowship, click here.

Congratulations to Ruben for publishing his first paper!

Congratulations to Ruben for publishing his first paper and very innovative research!

Please click here to read about the novel 3D marine spatial conservation prioritisation approach, which explicitly accounts for the inherent vertical heterogeneity of the ocean. Prioritising in 3D allows conservation and marine spatial planners to target specific threats to specific conservation features, at specific depths in the ocean – A very interesting read!

What shapes spatial invasion patterns of alien birds in Australia vs. Europe? – A talk by Salit Kark!

On the 5th of October, 2017 Salit Kark gave a great talk at the Doñana Biological Station about the factors shaping invasive species richness and distribution in Europe and Australia at large scales. In addition Salit presented several case studies on interactions between invasive and native birds from around the world, with focus on parrots, starlings, mynas and more.

If you would like to watch this talk click here

Warm Welcome to our New Group Members!

First, we welcome Marsya who has formally started her Masters with us and will be working on conservation planning in Sumatra! Second, we welcome Maddy and Micheli who recently have started working for us as Research Assistants. We look forward to working with all of you!

Research Assistant positions available

Two new Research Assistant positions (casual) have become available from June 2017 to work within the Kark group. These positions include:

  1. A research assistant with substantial experience in large spatial scale data analysis, GIS and remote sensing. Experience using Lidar data and analysing digital elevation models is an advantage. Good writing skills are also an advantage. 
  1. A research assistant to help with admin tasks. Experience with UQ admin systems, such as UniFi orders etc. is an advantage. 

If you are interested in either of these positions and have the desired skills stated above, please send your CV, short cover letter and any other supporting material to Salit’s email:


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